For 17 years, we’ve celebrated the beauty of philanthropy through our annual Model Behavior issue. With thousands of nonprofits calling Nashville home, there’s no shortage of worthwhile causes and philanthropists to honor. That’s why, each fall, we invite local charities to nominate a woman that they feel exemplifies model behavior through her service and commitment to the cause. Dozens of nominations poured in this year for ladies who invest their time and resources into the varied organizations that make our city great. With so much generosity in Nashville, it’s never an easy feat to choose just 10 to recognize, but we are proud to present our 2021 class of Model Behavior honorees, who teach us all that selflessness is a trait that never goes out of style.

Photographer: Daniel Meigs

Art director: Heather Pierce

Stylist: Nancy Floyd

Hair and makeup artists: Betsy Briggs Cathcart and Emaline Briggs, BBC Nashville

Jeweler: Diamond Cellar

Location: Note House