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What is the best burger or sandwich in town? I’m really a pizza guy, but when I want a burger, I go to Hugh Baby’s. As for sandwiches, I’m enjoying East Side Banh Mi, like so many others. We’re ordering it for my birthday lunch.

What’s your favorite restaurant when you want to splurge? I’m excited to visit The Continental. The Hermitage Hotel has always been one of our favorite spots. That’s where my wife and I got engaged, and we look forward to going back when the renovations are done.

What’s your favorite international fare? We love Korea House, and for dinner to go, we always order pork bulgogi. I love Vietnamese food on my days off and go to Kien Giang, but you have to remember to have cash.

One restaurant in Nashville that everyone should try is: The Farm House and Black Rabbit. I like what my buddy Trey Cioccia is doing there. With downtown back open, I hope they’re getting some much-needed attention.

What’s the greatest thing about being a chef? I have followed my passion to get where I am in life. I always cooked with my mom, and it was the one thing I was drawn to. Mom helped me follow this path when I started looking into culinary school in the 11th grade. I’ve never looked back.

What’s the next big thing for Lockeland Table? We are back up to our pre-COVID pace and, like everyone else, dealing with the ripples that COVID caused. Once these get resolved, we can continue to focus on good local ingredients, good execution and brisk service.

What’s the biggest challenge facing the restaurant industry in Nashville right now? Definitely staffing. This is also causing financial problems because if you are forced to close on an extra day just to sustain your staff, you’re losing money. We look forward to being [fully] staffed up again and getting back to what we used to do. We are doing that now, but [we want to be able to do it] in a more feasible fashion in the future.