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What is the best burger or sandwich in town? I can’t get enough of the Woodstock burger at Burger Up. Our dry-aged ground beef plus bacon, cheddar and Jack Daniel’s ketchup makes a perfectly balanced burger.

Who has the best baked goods? If you haven’t had the breakfast biscuits and peanut butter explosion at Sweet 16th Bakery, you are missing out. I also love a chocolate croissant from Dozen.

What’s your favorite restaurant when you want to splurge? Josephine has been one of my favorites for years. Chef Andy Little isn’t scared to work with our more unique cuts, like beef tongue, and combines classic comforting flavors with fine dining perfectly.

One restaurant in Nashville that everyone should try is: Lockeland Table. Their Community Hour (happy hour with proceeds donated to local nonprofits) is the perfect place for a late afternoon drink and shareable snack, and their dinner menu is always spot on. Chef Hal Holden-Bache was one of our first wholesale customers, and we always suggest people stop in to see what he’s got on the menu.

What’s the greatest thing about being a butcher? Teaching customers about new cuts and preparations has always been a high point. Now that the business has grown, I love working with awesome farmers to help them grow their businesses.

What’s the next big thing for Porter Road Butcher? [My business partner, James Peisker, and I] just celebrated the ribbon-cutting at our new butchering and shipping facility in Princeton, Kentucky. This space is five times the size of our current facility and will give us the opportunity to partner with more farms to serve more customers. We also signed the deed on an additional space in the same town. Stay tuned for exciting updates!

What’s the biggest challenge facing the restaurant industry in Nashville right now? There are just more jobs out there than people willing to work them. People are ready to get back out to restaurants, but limited dining capacity due to a lack of staff makes it hard.