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What is the best burger or sandwich in town? The best burger in town is the cheeseburger at Bare Bones Butcher. It’s simple, yet made perfectly, and the freshly ground local beef is hard to beat. I love the combination of mayo and mustard.

Who has the best baked goods? I go to different places for specific things, and the donut holes at Five Daughters Bakery immediately come to mind. I spend a lot of time in our shops at 8th & Roast, and I find myself reaching for the fresh blueberry muffins often.

Where’s your favorite place to go late at night? Flamingo in Wedgewood-Houston, for sure. They’ve got a great staff, and they do a good job on the music vibes. Atmosphere makes a big difference.

What’s your favorite restaurant when you want to splurge? I go see my friends Tandy down at City House or Mike over at Sunda every time!

What’s your favorite international fare? I’m a huge fan of jerk chicken. There is a food truck next to Green Fleet [Bicycle Shop] off Jefferson Street called Jamaica Me Hungry, and Devin is the cook at the helm. Simply excellent!

Where’s the best place for cocktails? I’m incredibly proud of the team behind The Lounge at Sinema, so I must mention it. The seasonal cocktail list is always innovative and fresh, and we have a top-notch whiskey selection with hundreds of bottles.

What’s your favorite place for brunch? OK, this is tough. The cinnamon roll pancakes and the fried chicken at Sinema’s Bottomless Brunch are unmatched. If I’m going somewhere else, it’s got to be the Farmers Market Quiche at Henrietta Red.

What’s the greatest thing about being a restaurant owner/operator? I never tire of seeing so many young people grow and flourish, either within our business or when they move on to other opportunities.

What are the next big things for Sinema and 8th & Roast? Right now, our biggest focus for 8th & Roast is opening the second airport location. At Sinema, we are focusing on rebuilding our events. It’s one of the things we do best.