What’s the best burger or sandwich in town? In my opinion, the best burger in town is the Local Burger, a long-time favorite that has followed John Stephenson all around town at his various stops before founding Hathorne in West Nashville. A close second is the Seamus Burger at Gabby’s.

Who has the best baked goods? Dozen Bakery in Wedgewood-Houston is the best bakery in town, owned by Claire Meneely, who takes her baguettes so seriously she moved to Paris to learn how to perfect them.

What’s your favorite restaurant when you want to splurge? My wife, Lila, and I love to go to some of the great Nashville restaurants that have been around a while and have perfected their menus and deserve support — places like Margot Café & Bar, Lockeland Table [and] City House.

One restaurant in Nashville that everyone should try is: Hathorne in West Nashville. Not only will the food blow you away, but the idea of small communal plates that come out as they are ready is such a natural way to relax and enjoy the company at the table.

What’s the greatest thing about being a brewer? It’s much like a chef; it’s long, hard, hot days in the brewery, but at the end of the day, not only can you personally enjoy what you’ve created, but it is also so satisfying to see other people enjoying it, as well.

If you hadn’t become a brewer, what would you be? Something where I worked with my hands but that was somewhat technical — an engineer somewhere.

What’s the next big thing for Yazoo Brewing? We’re busy planning our next big party in October, our annual Funkfest, a celebration of all beers wild and funky.

What’s the biggest challenge facing the restaurant industry in Nashville right now? From the clients we talk to, the biggest problem is finding employees. The demand is back, but many aren’t able to be open more than three or four days a week because of staffing problems.