Celebrate the arrival of spring with bright and beautiful hues! For this spring break brunch, Molly Sohr utilized a classic palette of black, white and gold and added powerful pops of color with magnificent florals arranged in modern, geometric vessels.

For a brunch gathering that’s both classy and comfortable, Molly recommends incorporating household items—like throw pillows from your living room or decorative accessories from your bookshelf—to warm up your outdoor spaces. As for the menu, stick to simple dishes that can be purchased or prepared ahead of time and that don’t take away time from your guests. Her most important tip? Stay true to yourself and your style. Avoid overly trendy ideas so the party feels truly unique and truly “you” through and through. To see the full spread and Molly's great tips, click here.

Molly is a full-service event planner with Big Events. Her friendly personality and can-do attitude help her clients relax as she brings their events to life. For more info, visit mollysohr.com.