Model Behavior: Susanne Post

It was Susanne Post’s personal experience that led her to co-found the Shear Haven initiative in 2017. As a victim of domestic abuse, she knew she wanted to help other women facing the same issue. As a hair stylist, she knew she was in a unique position to be trusted by victims. “Often the victim is isolated from their closest family and friends and simply needs to speak their truth to a listening ear and to know that there is support available,” she says.

Susanne partnered with the YWCA to launch Shear Haven, which trains local stylists to detect signs of abuse among clients. In addition to helping to develop the training program, Susanne has met with lawmakers across Tennessee to discuss updating state laws to make domestic abuse training a requirement for anyone getting a cosmetology license. “I believe that even our hardest life experiences can be used for good,” she says, “to help others know that they are not alone.”

Shear Haven

Shear Haven is committed to educating the community on the signs of abuse and the resources available to help women and men who are victims.

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