With age we gain wisdom, experience, self-assuredness, but along the way we lose collagen, elastin, and hair, thanks to menopause.

SkinBody Nashville is med spa located in Green Hills which offers a few services to gain back what is lost when menopause kicks in.

By 20 years old, you’ve created all the collagen you’re going to have, and it begins depleting from there, says founder Tomi Beckemeyer. For youthful skin, she recommends microneedling with radiofrequency — she considers it a gold standard for building collagen.

“Usually the first place that women notice when they’re having menopause is on their skin,” Bekemeyer tells Nfocus. “It tends to get drier, thinner… that’s where it starts.”


Elastin and collagen are not only lost in the face, but the “down there” as well. The feminine rejuvenation tool Morpheus Empower RF can help with weak pelvic floor muscles, relief from incontinence, pelvic pain, improved blood circulation and tissue remodeling.

“It takes it back to when you were young,” Bekemeyer says.

There are three options for Morpheus Empower treatments. FormaV is least invasive: a radiofrequency for tightening and plumping. VTone is muscle stimulation — like doing kegel exercises on steroids. Morpheus8 V is most powerful and employs microneedling with radio frequency. It creates a wound so that the tissue can regenerate. The latter is the only one that requires downtime — no sexual contact or baths for two days!

For the biggest effect, patients can do all three. That’s considered the “trifecta.”

Hair Loss

For those that deal with hair loss from menopause, PRP (platelet-rich plasma) hair restoration was recently introduced at SkinBody. It takes blood from the patient’s body, separates out “good plasma” loaded with growth factors and stem cells, and injects that into the scalp. SkinBody professionals can also recommend scalp treatments and supplements to speed along the process.

“My hair got very thin as I aged, especially after menopause,” Bekemeyer says. “I’m in the midst of those treatments right now. I’ve had three and I’ve had a noticeable change in my hair growth. For a woman losing her hair, all her confidence goes out the door. So I strongly believe in those treatments.”

SkinBody nurse practitioner Britney Dubro encourages patients to be honest about the effects of menopause on their body.

“Women don’t always want to speak about it and think that they’re alone,” she says. “We just want them to feel comfortable and know they’re not alone.”

With one or a combination of treatments, Bekemeyer says she hopes to build confidence.

“I think that’s one of the greatest things about our industries – we do help women,” she says. “We help them feel better about themselves, we help them have beautiful skin that they had in their youth or maybe they never had. We help them feel more confident sexually, and we help them with hair loss.”

Bekemeyer added, “aging isn’t for sissies.”