The need for — and interest in — self-care boomed in 2020. According to a recent study commissioned by software company Vagaro, “75 percent of Americans believe self-care activities can help reduce stress,” and “71 percent [of Americans] believe society will collectively prioritize self-care in the next five years due to the events of 2020.”

Here in Nashville, one company is hoping to make self-care and wellness as inclusive and accessible as possible. Founded by Ashley Brooke James and Elizabeth Moore in 2018, Triluna “is utterly devoted to creating a new vision of wellness where everyone is included,” says Elizabeth.

In the beginning, Triluna was focused on events — workshops, yoga and meditation classes, supper clubs and more. After having to pause in-person gatherings during the pandemic, the friends looked for ways to bring Triluna’s wellness experience into people’s homes, and Triluna’s customizable self-care kits were born.

Each box is built around a specific theme, and you can pick and choose from the selection of curated items to build the box that’s perfect for you. For Black History Month, they introduced The Diversity and Community Matter Collection, featuring goods from small businesses owned by people of color, and to mark International Women’s Day, they introduced The Art of Home Cooking Collection, offering a variety of culinary treats and cooking accessories. For May, they have a Mother’s Day-themed box.

What’s more, every box also offers an accompanying workbook that includes everything from fun recipes and yoga tips to inspiring knowledge the women have shared in past workshops. The Downdog to Donuts workbook explores the harmful side of diet culture and includes a recipe for cake donuts, and the Diversity and Community Matter workbook has tips for practicing anti-racisim in everyday life and includes opportunities to journal.

Read on to learn more about Elizabeth and Ashley, their reason for starting the innovative company and even get a few easy peasy self-care tips.

Why did you start Triluna? Triluna was created to bring enjoyment back into the wellness space. We think the world often makes us feel not “well enough”, [so we] created this company with the intention of providing space for people to show up as they are. In an effort to provide sustainable, realistic and inclusive health practices, each of our programs reflect our three core services: health coaching, cooking and movement classes. As Triluna is learning and growing, we have transitioned our efforts to focus on mental health and social justice issues.

Triluna feels different from many other wellness and self-care companies because you include workbooks with each box. How did you come up with the idea to include workbooks? It’s actually the opposite of what you might think. The workbooks birthed the boxes, not the other way around. Before 2020, we were an events company, but when the pandemic hit, we realized we needed to change tactics quickly, so we turned all of our workshops into workbooks. Each of the workbooks contains a QR code that leads to an online resource center where you can watch yoga videos, listen to meditations and get access to additional materials. We realized that our people were really tired of online wellness, and we wanted something that could bring the physical to the digital environment, and the boxes were the perfect way to do that! You’ll find themes about breaking down diet culture to find self-love, using meditation for effective stress management and frank conversations about the importance of mental health for self-care.

A lot of people believe self-care just means meditation or fancy face masks. But one thing I love about Triluna is that it also addresses some of the issues that can cause deeper anxiety: racism, unhealthy body image and mental illness. You recognize that there’s work to do beyond what is often presented as self-care. As you say on your website, “Health is a social justice issue.” Can you talk a little more about that? Health and wellness opportunities are not equal and accessible to all. As a result, we seek to create opportunities to level the playing field and provide space for our community to show up as they are. Collectively, we believe you are only as well as your community.

Many of your curated products come from woman- and/or minority-owned businesses. How do you find the products you carry? A majority of our products come from small-business wholesale marketplaces. We filter by values, such as small business, woman-owned, minority-owned, eco-friendly, handmade, etc. In addition to the content we produce in our workbooks, we are intentional about who we buy from and collaborate with. In doing so, we have built relationships with numerous companies that hold similar values as Triluna.

What is a good go-to self-care exercise for someone who’s just starting to explore a self-care routine? It can be surprisingly hard to take time for yourself and — even harder — make it feel helpful or rejuvenating. (I have learned the hard way that staring at Netflix for hours is not necessarily self-care.) The first and most important thing is just to create awareness and find grace for yourself. We are all under just wild amounts of stress right now as we navigate these very bizarre and difficult times. Netflix absolutely can be a form of self-carel, if what you really need is to just shut down and rest, but if you notice that it’s making you feel worse, it’s time to switch tactics. The most important thing is to just be aware.

Self-care looks different for each of us, so there will naturally be a lot of trial and error as you figure out what works for you. We recommend starting with our Circle of Life exercise so you can determine what your areas of strength are [and] celebrate them and also define the areas that may need some bolstering. It’s important to note that the goal is not a perfect circle. The goal is to find a shape that works for your life. The wellness industrial complex tells us it’s perfect balance or nothing, but we believe that if you’re leaning but still standing, you’re balanced.

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