Local Beauty: Therapy Systems

Therapy Systems, Private Edition’s skin care and makeup line developed by owner Linda Roberts, has maintained a loyal following since its introduction 26 years ago. The six original products remain an important part of the brand that has grown to more than 200 items for cleansing, moisturizing and anti-aging concerns.

As a retailer, Private Edition has always carried the best skin care and makeup products. About 10 years into the business, glycolic acid started growing in popularity, but Linda wanted something better than what she could find in other brands. She partnered with local pharmacist John Hollis to create a glycolic product that was affordable, easy to use and gentle on the skin. The result was two cleansers, two serums and two creams that are the backbone of the brand.

Fast forward to 2018, glycolic acid is still an ingredient Therapy Systems believes in for total skin health, but people are looking for more products that are effective but natural — without chemicals, parabens or other harmful ingredients. Linda again teamed up with John Hollis Pharmacy to create three 100 percent natural products. After about a year in development, Natural Solutions by Therapy Systems launched in the beginning of June with a cleanser, moisturizer and eye cream. Kaolin clay — great for sensitive skin — gives the cleanser its pinkish hue. The moisturizer contains tremella mushroom, or the ”beauty mushroom,” which has water-retention capabilities similar to hyaluronic acid, and bamboo extract that acts as an anti-inflammatory and as a lightening agent. The eye cream has wheat peptides, which are firming.

With the addition of these new products, Therapy Systems has something for everyone, and the well-trained staff can put together a good routine for any skin concern. Natural Solutions, like all Therapy Systems skin care and makeup, can be purchased at Private Edition in Green Hills, at The Cosmetic Market and online. therapysystems.com

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Photographed at Noelle Nashville