Chill Out

Still feeling a little pain from the Swan Ball? While there’s no true cure for a hangover, there are a couple of things you can do to get back to normal faster. Cryotherapy and IV Drip Therapy are two treatments that will speed up the process, and Restore Hyper Wellness + Cryotherapy in Brentwood offers both for anyone in need of a post-party pick-me-up.

Whole body cryotherapy relieves inflammation and releases endorphins to alleviate pain, boost energy and metabolism and increase the body’s natural healing abilities. As the temperature inside the chamber drops, blood rushes to your core and circulation increases to all your organs — including that fuzzy brain. After three minutes in the glorified freezer, you feel like yourself again.

IV Drip Therapy is a completely different type of cocktail that provides hydration, vitamins and minerals essential to assist liver function and boost energy. Restore offers a menu of drips to address specific issues and support general wellness. Considering all the things we do to look and feel good, a needle in the arm is relatively painless, and you’ll notice the results immediately.

Let’s face it, some of us take a little longer to rebound from a late night. So, if that’s the case, or if you’re curious about cryotherapy and IV drips, there’s no better time than now to give them a try.

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