Growing up, Margaret de Heinrich, co-founder of Omorovicza skincare, never pictured herself as a diplomat. While always having an interest in politics, her imagination soared to the highest office in the land - taking the role of the first female President of the United States. However, after moving to New York City with an up and coming career in journalism and public relations, Margaret answered the call. “I got a call one day asking if I would be a U.S. diplomat to Hungary,” said Margaret. My first question after I was told I would be moving there was ‘where is Budapest?’” However, little did Margaret know, this move would transform her life in more ways than one.

After moving to Budapest, Margaret met Stephen de Heinrich who would become not only her tour guide to his city, but, later, her husband. He showed her the beauty of his city and on one occasion, took her to the Rácz thermal waters and the thermal bath that his family built in the 1800’s. Once Margaret experienced the restorative waters, she knew her experience needed to be shared. She felt a certain sense of vitality after stepping out of the bath and could feel every pore of her skin. However, what really got her hooked was getting home and seeing the difference the mineral-rich baths made in her skin. It was this experience that would launch the Omorovicza skincare line.

The key elements of Omorovicza are about restoring and enhancing your skin’s vitality. What Margaret noted was that what she reaches for in her skincare regime today is very different than what she would have reached for 15 years ago. “As we get older, our skin has different needs,” said Margaret of aging skin. “The best beauty advice I was ever given was this: You have agency in beauty and you have to put the work in. Beauty is in your hands but you have to work at it.”

Locally, Omorovicza products can be found at Private Edition in Green Hills.