In Overtime

Over the past few months, my friends and I started venturing out to restaurants again. We’ve visited new places, and we always make a reservation. At a restaurant that we really liked, we’d been at dinner for an hour and a half or so. We had finished our desserts and were still having coffee when the server came by, plopped the bill down on the table and stood there, waiting for us to pay. Is this a new rule for dining out? I don’t think I like it.Anonymous, Hillwood

Apparently, you were on the meter, even if you didn’t know it was running. When you made your reservation (provided that you didn’t make it online), the person who took it might have mentioned how long you’re allowed to take up a table before you have to head for the door. That may be the new restaurant’s policy, but it doesn’t justify a server looming, waiting for you to sign your tab. If you like this new place enough, call the manager. If it turns out that the server was doing his or her duty, you don’t have to go back. The table needed to be turned, but there’s no reason to give the place another turn.

Shared Information

At a dinner party a couple of weeks back, a friend told everybody about an unfortunate experience he’d had with a younger man. They’d had one date, and it went well. So, the 50-year-old Googled the 30-year-old. The second time they got together, he told the younger man that he was impressed with the championship his basketball team won when he was in college. The young man stormed out and sent him an email accusing him of being a “stalker.” That relationship is over, of course. The info is out there on the internet. Why shouldn’t we learn what we can? Tell me if I’m wrong.Anonymous, Hillsboro Village

The older guy may not be a stalker, but he’s definitely a talker. If he was ready to spill the beans at the party, the younger man had good reason to be concerned. If this had been a straight relationship, I wonder how the younger woman would have felt about the older guy checking her out and then telling her what he discovered. The data is out there, but we can keep what we learn to ourselves, even if we like what we’ve found. The younger man may have been unduly upset, but he might have done some homework of his own. Snooping around is ageless.

To Top It Off

During the pandemic, I let my hair go gray. My husband actually likes it that way, but now, I think it’s time for me to go brunette again. I don’t want to endanger our marriage, but now that everything’s getting back to normal, I want my hair to look “normal” again. What do I do?Anonymous, Brentwood

It’s your hair; do with it as you like. You can have it dyed as many times as you please, no matter what your husband thinks. It will always grow out. You may have been confined for too long. Now that you’re poking your head out again, find something else to worry about. Surely, you will.