Model Behavior: Sara Morgan

Sara Morgan became involved with You Have the Power (YHTP) less than two years ago, and she has already made an impact as a board intern and, now, as a voting member. "I am someone who likes to put plans into motion and get things done, and YHTP is definitely that type of organization,” Sara explains as a reason she was drawn to the organization.

Model Behavior: Sara Morgan

Sara, an associate at Bass, Berry and Sims, is also passionate about prison reform and believes that “victims’ rights and prison reform are two sides of the same coin. If we don’t focus on rehabilitating incarcerated individuals, we do a disservice not only to them, but also to their victims and our society.” She points to the work of YHTP’s victim impact classes as a way to assist this effort.

So far, Sara has developed reports on suggested legislation for the nonprofit to consider endorsing and helped plan the Powerhouse Luncheon that honored Scott Hamilton for his work in challenging and bringing awareness to the violence  perpetuated upon young athletes. She has a goal to raise awareness of YHTP among young adults and get them involved.

You Have the Power works to empower victims and to assist incarcerated individuals. Sara says, “Such willingness to help everyone involved demonstrates a true dedication to the cause: bringing peace and guidance to victims and creating a safer environment for everyone. ... I am incredibly lucky to be part of such a great organization.”

You Have the Power

You Have the Power’s mission is to empower those victimized by crime through education, advocacy and understanding.

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