Nretrospect: Party of the Past

The outrageously successful Artrageous Evening, which benefited Nashville Cares, was a gallery-hopping, bacchanalian night on the town that consistently attracted more than 1,000 art lovers and party animals. The dress code would have read “anything goes” because attendees decked out in everything from denim to drag and then some. If held today, these partygoers wouldn’t consider taking anything as plebeian as Uber or Lyft. They traveled in style — chartered limos and vans, aka “Van Goghs” — to galleries where they schmoozed, sipped and snacked until it was time to repeat at the next spot. The last stop was Vanderbilt’s dreary Stadium Club, somehow miraculously transformed into the ultimate disco with pounding music, endless cocktails and unforgettable moments, like the year living statues in marbleized paint came off their pedestals to join in the frenzy.