Expert travelers and event hosts with the most, l’Ete du Vin co-chairs Jay Jones and Rob Turner know how to live life on the road. Between travels to their home in St. Thomas and enjoying spectacular trips to Burgundy and Bordeaux, Jay and Rob have travel down to a science. 



Louis Vuitton Backpack

When traveling, our backpacks are our go-to solution for a day out exploring. Whether we need something to hold water, wine or whatever we bought while out shopping, a backpack is a must-have for travel. The Louis Vuitton backpack adds stylish flair to any outfit. The other backpack is more practical. You can guess who carries which one. Available at (Rob)



Lochby Field Journal

When I am on the road, I like to make notes on the different wines we try or special places we eat. The Lochby Field Journal is ideal not only as a journal but also because it holds my pen, tickets, a passport and other important items that I don’t want to carry around in my pockets. Also, the waxed canvas helps with an extra layer of waterproofing so everything stays dry — which is helpful when someone spills wine on it.  Available at (Jay)




At our home in St. Thomas, we spend time out on the water and enjoying the beautiful, lush scenery of the islands. Binoculars make a great gift for the adventure traveler in your life. Whether birdwatching in the islands or whale watching in Antarctica, binoculars are a great way to get up close and personal without getting too close. Available at REI. (Jay)



KREWE Sunglasses

While Jay and I certainly have the joie de vivre — the joy of life — sometimes we are a little over-exuberant, so sunglasses on our trips help us on those extra sunny days. KREWE is a company based out of New Orleans and has a pop-up store parked outside White’s Mercantile on 12th South. They have great style and their associates help with fittings. Also, don’t forget to pack the Advil. Available at White’s Mercantile. (Rob)



Wine Opener 

As avid wine collectors, our travels include purchasing and enjoying wine. We have always found it handy to have a wine opener with us when we travel. (Jay: That’s one of the items carried in the practical backpack.) A wine-opener is an ideal gift for the traveler in your life so they don’t have to ever worry about opening that special bottle. Available at (Rob)



Resistance Bands

For the fitness-minded traveler, don’t miss a workout with these resistance bands. Lightweight and portable with their own travel bag. Perfect for a workout anytime, anywhere. Available at REI. (Jay)



Toiletry Bottles

With carry-on restrictions and the amount of space they take up, no one wants to lug around full bottles of shampoo or lotion. We found these collapsible toiletry containers and love to travel with them. As the amount of product you use goes down, the amount of space left in your bag goes up. These are great for hiking, sailing and just general travel. Available at REI. (Jay)