The Nashville Symphony 75th Anniversary Concert Raises $1 Million

The Nashville Symphony celebrated its 75th anniversary in style, with a beautiful concert featuring world-renowned violinist Itzhak Perlman. The performance, which began with a private cocktail party for patrons, was held in lieu of the traditional white-tie Symphony Ball but proved to be an incredible fundraiser nonetheless.

Lisa Manning held sole chairing responsibilities for the event, which came together in just a couple months’ time. Lisa, ever the pro at organizing events of this caliber, was at first a little reluctant about committing, especially as she was finishing up a two-year “COVID term” as Cheekwood board chair.

“It became clear this was, in fact, a perfect time to chair the Symphony Ball, as Walter Sharp, married to Huldah Cheek, who resided in our beloved Cheekwood, founded the Nashville Symphony,” she said. “What a beautiful example of the connections of two of our most cherished Nashville institutions. Chairing this event 75 years later reminds me of the beautiful connections that make Nashville the city I love.”

Lisa did a fantastic job garnering support throughout the community, as evidenced by the huge turnout at both the 75th anniversary concert and the Patrons Party earlier in the week. Her efforts helped lead the Nashville Symphony to a whopping $1 million raised through the event. The concert also served as a way to honor the musicians of the symphony orchestra, who were presented the Harmony Award by the 2013 recipient, Brad Paisley.

Fortunately, all indicators point to the return of the white-tie Symphony Ball on Dec. 10, 2022. In fact, the Nashville Symphony was thrilled to share that Shaun Inman and Sheila Shields will co-chair the gala. The duo co-chaired the Symphony Fashion Show featuring Zac Posen in 2017, one of the most successful events in the organization’s history.

“We are so honored to co-chair the 2022 Symphony Ball, and we look forward to presenting a beautiful evening of dinner, dancing and music in the stunning Schermerhorn Symphony Center,” Shaun and Sheila said. “The ball is very special to us, helping the Symphony bring free music education programs to our Middle Tennessee children. And everyone, young and old, benefits from more music in their lives.”

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