RB and Mindy: Caipirinhas

In case you’re looking for a relaxing way to ease out of the nightly Olympic games binge-watching habit, why not enjoy Sunday night’s closing ceremonies with the correct cocktail? Before the flag is passed to the Japanese, let’s make some caipirinhas, the national drink of Brazil featuring cachaça (their popular spirit made from sugarcane) and plenty of fresh lime.

Medal counts aside, the Brazilian caipirinha is a nice alternative to the many fresh lime cocktails we now enjoy — like the mojito, margarita, daiquiri, gimlet and pisco sour. It’s refreshing in hot weather, not overly sweet and makes for an unexpected cocktail hour treat that's very easy to create. Whenever you see a bag of good limes at a good price, buy them.

It’s just like making a mint julep, except you’ll be muddling lime wedges with sugar instead of mint and using cachaça instead of bourbon. If you find the taste a bit strong, just top off the drink with touch of sparkling water or lemon-lime soda.

Since we’re always in search of the most direct method to a good result, here’s one to consider on this busy back-to-school, vacation’s over weekend. Before Sunday, grab the bottle of cachaça at the liquor store. Then, on Sunday, stop by the nearest Sonic Drive-In and take home a couple limeades (with the perfect crushed ice). The only work left to do is to muddle a few more lime wedges in rocks glasses and mix in the cachaça and your icy drive-in limeade.

Naturally, Brazilian snacks go especially well with these drinks. You’ll find plenty to choose from at Café Mineiro, which is open on Saturdays until 8 p.m.

Photo courtesy of Thinkstock