The reasons to visit Iceland are overwhelmingly abundant, and the highly sought-after Blue Lagoon ranks high on the list. Its healing waters, rich in silica, algae and minerals, have drawn bathers since the early 1980s, when the body of water first formed. It quickly gained popularity, and in 2012, it was named one of National Geographic's 25 Wonders of the World.

After research confirmed the healing properties of the Blue Lagoon, a line of skincare products utilizing the healing elements was launched, and in 2018, the Retreat Spa at the Blue Lagoon was established. The exclusive spa offers a day pass for visitors and all access for overnight guests, and — trust us — once you lay eyes on the Blue Lagoon brimming with visitors, you'll be glad you booked the Retreat Spa. You'll still have access to the picturesque lagoon, but you'll also have plenty of privacy and tranquility at the Retreat's private alcoves, completely tucked away from the crowds.

Guests at the Retreat have access to numerous treatment rooms and spa services, with highlights including the Blue Lagoon Ritual and soothing in-water treatments. After enjoying the lagoons, a natural cave steam room, a dry-heat sauna overlooking the blue waters and more, the experience culminates with the Ritual. Three stations provide direct access to the silica, algae and minerals, each offering its own benefits for the body. Silica strengthens the skin barrier and promotes radiance. The algae specific to the lagoon boots collagen production, and the minerals increase circulation and revitalize the body and mind. In-water massages are also available and are the epitome of relaxation, with packages offered for 30, 60 or 120 minutes of sheer bliss.

The four hours allotted for day guests will undoubtedly go by all too quickly, but the staff is kind and accommodating and will likely grant you a little more time to enjoy the treatments if asked. If your schedule allows, an overnight stay is certainly recommended, but if other parts of the island are calling your name, at least make time for dinner at Moss, the lagoon's stunning Michelin-recommended restaurant. Choose from their mouth-watering menu or opt for the chef's table for seven courses of classic Icelandic recipes with a modern twist.

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Photographs courtesy of Blue Lagoon