What’s the biggest challenge currently facing the Nashville Ballet? Our biggest challenge this year is re-engaging. We’ve had to navigate not only how to figuratively re-engage, but also how to literally reconnect with our audience in a way that is safe but still true to the art form.

What has been the most valuable lesson you’ve learned during the pandemic? Be open to change. Change has allowed us to exercise our most important muscle: creativity. It has made us more aware of what we do and how it resonates with people, allowing us to explore and expand how we reach our audience. We are pushing the boundaries of the art form, and that has ultimately helped us create a deeper connection, not only with each other but also with our audience.

What is in store for the 2021-22 season for the Nashville Ballet? Because we were able to keep our artists working and moving during the pandemic, we are able to come back stronger than ever for our 2021-22 season. The pieces we’re presenting are not only fan favorites, but they’re also poignant reflections of how much our dancers and company have grown, both artistically and in their technique. This season has so much new — new choreography, new collaborations, new venues and even new dancers.

Is there a particular show or event you’re most excited about? I am personally very excited to be reviving Lucy Negro Redux. When I create a new piece, I sometimes lose perspective on the work because I’m so close to it. So when I get the chance to revisit it, I can look at it with more of an objective eye to see how we can make it better, and that’s what we’ll be doing with Lucy Negro Redux this season. Following our Nashville performances, we’ll be taking the production on a nationwide tour.

For those wanting to support the Nashville Ballet, what are the greatest needs or ways they can help? Each performance is a testament to the unwavering generosity of our Nashville arts community. We invite everyone to join us for a performance this season, try a class at School of Nashville Ballet or come to one of our community engagement events, because our favorite part about what we do is being able to share it with you.