Nfocus 25th Anniversary: Blast From the Past

When the first issue of Nfocus was published in November of 1993, founding editor Herbert Fox introduced to Nashville “a new kind of magazine.” A far cry from your mother’s Society Page, Nfocus was created with the intent of bringing bright, informative and entertaining reports from the front lines of Nashville’s social scene. The idea caught on quickly — an enthusiastic response that Herbert called “gratifying and a little amazing” — and it wasn’t long before readers were clamoring to get their hands on a copy every month.

As the city has grown and changed, Nfocus has grown and changed alongside it, consistently broadening our coverage to include new parties, new causes, new faces and new businesses. The inaugural issue featured just nine events; today, you’re more likely to find 20 to 30 parties in an issue. There is more happening in Nashville now than ever before, and we’ve been there to chronicle it for a quarter of a century. While the social scene is our top priority, we’ve always featured the latest in fashion, arts and culture, food and wine, weddings, interior design, travel and more. Since day one, Nfocus has celebrated the very best that Nashville has to offer.

Like any major milestone, our 25th anniversary has given us an opportunity to reflect on the past and all that we’ve experienced, documented and accomplished along the way. In 25 years, we’ve invited you to join us at over 7,000 events — vibrant, elegant, lively affairs that support a varied array of important causes and charities. It’s impossible to fully capture all of this magic in one issue, but we’re looking back on some of the dazzling highlights from our time in print. Join us as we revisit some of the best parties, the brightest luminaries and the biggest changes we’ve witnessed throughout the years.

On the first anniversary of Nfocus, Herbert Fox wrote, “It’s been a year. It’s been a good year. It’s been a very good year, in fact. How time flies when you’re having fun.” The sentiment still applies today. It’s been a very good quarter century, and oh, what fun we’ve been having along the way!

Photographs by Susan Adcock, Mary Entrekin Agee, Michael W. Bunch, Helen Burrus, Eric England, Sinclair Kelly, Steve Lowry, Jen McDonald, Daniel Meigs, John Picklesimer, Alan Poizner, Paige Rumore and Phil Stauder


Ballet Ball

Swan Ball

Sunday in the Park

Symphony Ball