Model Behavior: Perri duGard Owens

From the theater seats to the board chair, Perri duGard Owens has had a lifelong connection to the Nashville Children’s Theatre (NCT). As a child, she enjoyed productions with wide-eyed wonder. As an adult, she became involved professionally after she overheard a conversation at a coffee shop about children’s books being thrown away and couldn’t help but interject, and in doing so, she met board of trustees member Trayte Peters.

Model Behavior: Perri duGard Owens

Perri has always been committed to professional and community growth, as evidenced by the many boards and community events she has been involved with over the years. But she decided to focus her efforts toward organizations that fit one of three categories: healthcare, educating children or supporting inner city/urban families and youth. And NCT checked the last two of those boxes. She believes NCT is a good starting place for kids who grow up, like she and her husband did, to successfully graduate from MNPS schools, attend college and start a career. As she puts it, “I believe that every child deserves to imagine, to dream and to hope, and NCT provides that in so many ways. Look what it did for me. I was once sitting in the theater seats; now, I’m in the lead board seat.”

And NCT continues to prove that they support all voices from all backgrounds, which is a large reason for their success as an organization. Perri says, “NCT has shown me what an organization can do when it not only says it wants to be intentional about inclusion but actually acts inclusive.”

Nashville Children's Theatre

Nashville Children’s Theatre’s mission is to nurture the next generation of global citizens by providing transformational theatrical experiences which reflect our evolving community, instill profound empathy and foster personal discovery.

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