The Boardroom Salon for Men

If you’re a man who’s always wondered why the women in your life get all the pampering, you might want to make your way to The Boardroom Salon for Men. After opening salons all across Texas, the chain opened their first Tennessee location on Executive Center Drive in Brentwood, an appropriate street for what is essentially the businessman’s barbershop.

There’s incentive to arrive early for your appointment. Upon walking in the door, you’ll be offered a cold beer and directed to one of several leather chairs in front of a large television. In this waiting room, ESPN takes the place of fashion magazines. When your name is called, you’ll go back to the salon where barber stations surround a pool table. This barbershop trend has led to a wave of salons offering a drink and a shave to men in the Nashville area. The Boardroom goes further than mere nostalgia, combining the vibes of an old corner shop with the modern amenities of a luxury salon.

Services at The Boardroom—haircuts and coloring, shaving, grooming, massages and facials—are offered a la carte. You can also take advantage of packages and memberships that include an array of discounted services and benefits for an annual fee. The Boardroom’s signature service, The Benchmark, includes a personalized haircut as well as spa treatments like a paraffin hand dip, pressure point face massage and stress-relieving hand massage. For more information on services, memberships and appointments go to