Local Beauty: Thistle Farms

Thistle Farms' bath and body products, with ingredients like eucalyptus and lavender, are designed to be nurturing and healing, much like the program that inspired them.

Started in 1997 by Becca Stevens as a companion to the residential treatment program Magdalene — designed to help survivors of trafficking, addiction and prostitution — Thistle Farms offers women not only employment but an empowering way to participate in their own recovery. 

In the late ’90s, a small group of Magdalene residents and volunteers would gather in the kitchen of St. Augustine’s Chapel, mixing up lavender bath salts and pouring soy candles. Now the products are carried in stores around the globe. Sales for Thistle Farms merchandise — which also includes home goods, apparel and accessories — topped $4 million last year.

The bath and beauty products include a wide range of soaps, soaks, scrubs, balms, lotions and essential oils. One of the newest additions is the Nourishing Body Butter in eucalyptus mint, a lighter version of traditional body butter, which also comes unscented and in citrus wood as well as lavender. The Enriching Body Lotion is made with Moringa oil and a variety of essential oils and is offered in the same three scents as the Exfoliating Body Scrub. They also offer gift sets such as ReEnergize, which includes a body wash, lip balm, muscle soak and shave gel.

All products carry the signature Love Heals motto, a reminder of the company’s mission to offer refuge and employment to survivors. The company is still staffed primarily by residents and graduates of the Magdalene program.

In addition to being carried in Whole Body stores and on Amazon, the products can be found adjacent to the Café at Thistle Farms in their own retail store, a peaceful, lavender-scented respite on Charlotte Pike. thistlefarms.org

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Photographed at Noelle Nashville