Fit Food Revolution

Fast Food Makeover

Let’s admit it, sometimes it’s just easier not to cook. But after a long day, it’s often not ideal to get all gussied up and sit at a restaurant for two hours either. Fit Food Revolution is turning the idea of fast food on its head, offering a variety of quick, easy meal options for the health-conscious consumer. With new locations in Green Hills and Brentwood and more to come, each store has coolers full of pre-made meals that you can pop in the microwave whenever you are ready to eat. So if you’re headed home and have nothing in the fridge, or on your lunch break and looking for a quick healthy meal, you can grab a meal to be ready in minutes. Or heck, come in and stock up for the week! The meals are fresh and nutritionally balanced, with gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan options. Current menu items include mahi-mahi, barbecue chicken and paleo bison chili, and they even have breakfast items like omelets and zucchini pancakes. If you really need to hit the restart button on your health, their nutrition coaches and chefs will create a customized 21-day revolution full of meals targeting your specific health needs. The Green Hills location on Bandywood also has a juice and snack bar, so while you’re stocking up on meals you can grab one of their juices or smoothies, like Anti-Aging Avocado Basil, Workout Recovery or a Vegan Mexican Chocolate Milkshake. Next time you’re in a hurry and tempted to pull into McDonald’s, head instead to Fit Food Revolution and feel good about your fast food choices.

by Wesley H. Gallagher