Recovering beauty

The Pink Chapter, Tina Adams and Deidre DeFelice

Last October, wardrobe consultant Tina Adams made a bold decision. Due to family history, her risk of getting breast cancer was nearly 90 percent by the time she hit 40. So when one of her scans showed suspicious changes, she and her doctors decided that she should get a double mastectomy.

While the procedure was a relief for Tina, it was also a difficult decision with dramatic physical, and therefore emotional, effects. She spent the recovery cloaked in bandages, wearing loose clothing, and unable to lift her arms to perform simple tasks like washing her hair. Once she had healed, all of her clothes fit differently. Even as a wardrobe consultant, Tina had trouble figuring out what to wear post-surgery, and it took a real toll on her self-confidence.

During her recovery, hair and makeup artist Deidre DeFelice often washed and styled her hair, which made a huge impact on Tina’s emotional well-being. She realized that even little things like putting on makeup could make a difference in the way she felt. So in honor of breast cancer awareness month, Tina and Deidre launched The Pink Chapter, “a charitable initiative to give women dealing with breast cancer a beautiful experience through a personal style and beauty makeover.” Each month, they select one woman to receive a personal styling session, a complete makeover, a photo shoot and a handful of other treats to make her feel special. Nordstrom personal shopper Susan Davis provides a $100 voucher toward surgical bras and camisoles, and Doorstep Delivery delivers two nights of meals with a $25 discount on each meal. Shakti Power Yoga offers one free class, and Monkee’s gives each “Pink Lady” a 30 percent discount.

“[Breast cancer] takes a real toll on your body and your sense of self and femininity,” says Tina. “Emotionally, it’s very hard when you don’t look like what you’ve looked like for so long. I think giving women back a sense of beauty can make it easier to fight.” If you know someone who is dealing with or recovering from breast cancer, you can nominate her for this amazing experience at

Wesley H. Gallagher

Wesley is a Nashville native who does most of her best writing in her journal. But like any good writer, she is also working on a novel.

photo by Eric England