AILA Cosmetics

There is a bevy of beauty products on the market right now that claim to be free of chemicals and toxins harmful to our health. What Nashville podiatric surgeon Cary Gannon found is that the same companies selling these so-called safe items were reluctant to share their ingredients with consumers. She’d had enough and decided to launch her own cosmetics line, AILA Cosmetics, to create beauty products that were transparent in their creation-to-distribution process. And this multitasking mom, entrepreneur and surgeon is not lying when she says her line of nail lacquers is made with customers in mind. Don’t believe us? If you visit AILA’s website, you’ll find a detailed list of ingredients for every product. For anyone who frequents the makeup counter or cosmetics aisle, you know that this type of honesty is hard to come by.

Cary’s health-conscious mindset has not led to a sacrifice of beauty either. Offering a broad range of colors, each with a story behind it, you can find everything from a perfectly standard black to a shimmering rose gold hue to fancy up your fingers. As if that wasn’t enough to make you try out this brand, the AILA GIVES program donates a portion of the proceeds from their Five Senses and Ms. Martin lacquers to benefit foundations near and dear to the hearts of those who inspired the polishes. A dedication to adorable and affordable cosmetics, healthy ingredients and charity? We’re sold! For more information or to peruse AILA’s product line, visit