Pumpkin spice is coming. Krispy Kreme just launched its fall menu with all kinds of pumpkin spice-y flavors, and in just a few weeks, on Aug. 30, Starbucks is expected to bring back the beloved PSLs. But it’s only August; summer is still in full bloom! (Literally, crepe myrtles are exploding with gorgeous colors all over town.) If you’re not ready to say goodbye to summer, here are five local coffee shops still serving up some refreshing seasonal sips.

Matryoshka Coffee

Matryoshka is quickly becoming one of my favorite coffee shops. The tiny, colorful space — just a few steps away from Poppy & Peep on the edge of Wedgewood-Houston — is always experimenting with new drinks; plus, they serve up favorite childhood cereals by the bowl for a quick, nostalgic breakfast, which is especially appreciated because my willpower isn’t strong enough to keep a whole box of Lucky Charms in the house for more than a day or two.) The shop’s newest citrus-y summer drink is the limoncello lemonade, a house-made lemonade sweetened with vanilla syrup. It’s tasty enough on its own, but if you need a boost, you can get it with a shot of espresso. Celebrating a birthday soon? Check out their Leo Szn drink, an iced latte made with Oreo-infused milk, chocolate and espresso.

Barista Parlor

Strawberry season is long over — this late-summer heat is a little too harsh for those delicate berries — but the favorite fruit is still on the menu at Barista Parlor. The Summer Strawberry Honey Bee is a pretty, layered latte featuring strawberry honey syrup, espresso, pale pink strawberry whipped cream and a generous sprinkle of bright red sugar crystals to ensure maximum Instagram-ability. In need of extra chill? You can add 15 or 30 mg of CBD to any drink. For a coffee-free experience, try the shop’s strawberry matcha, a beautiful glass of iced strawberry milk topped with vibrant green matcha.

Ugly Mugs Coffee & Tea

East Nashville’s Ugly Mugs has a few options on their summer menu, from the She-Hulk, a matcha latte with ube and coconut, to the Earl Palmer, a refreshing combo of mint lemonade and Earl Grey tea. For some extra indulgence, though, try the Rooting 4 U, a cup of cold brew jazzed-up with root beer syrup and topped with cold foam to make for a cold, creamy and frothy drink. 

Humphreys Street Coffee Shop

You’ve had frozé, and now, you can get your cold brew as a slushie, too! Humphreys Street’s summer menu includes the El Capitan, a mango cold brew lemonade spiced with a sprinkle of Tajin spice; the Jiminy Cricket, a bright green matcha mocha; and a cold brew coffee in slushie form so you can feel like a kid again without 7-11’s sticky, oversweet Slurpees.

Sump Coffee

The name may conjure up that Rupert Holmes earworm, but Sump’s summer drink, The Escape, is far better than a cheesy ‘70s soft rock anthem. Espresso, pineapple and coconut cream are shaken and served over ice, and it’s topped with a Luxardo cherry for an extra pop of sweet indulgence. Sump also carries pastries from Dozen Bakery; treat yourself to an impeccable croissant, muffin or savory galette filled with tomato, onion and corn. And because The Shay apartment building in OneC1ty is next door, there is some excellent dog-watching to be had from the coffee shop’s spacious patio.