Since its launch in August, Morton & Mabel’s simple, timeless clothing for children has been extremely well received. Designer Kate Brown creates stylish — yet comfortable and unfussy — dresses, trousers and tees in year-round colors for boys and girls ages 2-10. She developed the line “to take the stress out of kids’ wardrobes and provide options for minimalist parents.”

Mabel, her daughter’s middle name, is the design aspect of the company, and Morton, her mother’s maiden name, is the mission — a focus on sustainability. The classic designs can easily be passed down to siblings, future generations or others in need. Morton & Mabel clothing arrives with a coloring book that explains the process of giving back and a poly bag to return gently used clothes to be redistributed to a partner organization.

Kate, a former child model, always wanted to be a fashion designer, but it wasn’t until she had two children of her own that she found her inspiration. Frustrated with the lack of options between over-stylized clothes and bare basics, she began to create classic silhouettes with great design and fine fabrics from her East Nashville home. She sought advice from Nashville Fashion Alliance's Van Tucker and Cara Jackson and eventually partnered with Omega Apparel to produce her collections.

Morton & Mabel is sold exclusively online through its website as well as those of Garmentory and Babyccino, but when Kate was invited to participate in the latter’s Los Angeles ShopUp in April, she — of course — made an

Designer: Kate Brown

Brand launch date: August 2016

Design philosophy: In order to do "minimal" well, you must be intentional.

I want to design clothes that make people feel: like they’re investing in quality, cause and solution. My goal is to relieve the stress of getting children dressed and the necessity of ease and comfort — leaving more room for imagination.

In three words, I would describe my brand as: timeless, functional and minimal.

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