In a nondescript office building on Spence Lane is the showroom of bespoke and custom men’s clothier Eric Adler. In the laid-back space, jazz plays in the background; Cooper the shop dog snoozes, and designer Eric Adler Bornhop greets you with a warm smile and firm handshake. Behind him, a rack of handsome jackets and suits attests to his talent and exemplifies his motto: “tastefully bold menswear.”

Aside from Megan Barry sporting his only womenswear jacket, Jack White, Big Kenny and Paul Janeway of St. Paul & The Broken Bones wear his designs. So do other men ages 25-55 who like to do something different and appreciate the finely constructed jackets and clothing — quality wools, standout linings and prints like bold paisley and houndstooth.

Eric has always had an interest in art and “always liked to be the best dressed in the room." Impressed by stylish Spaniards while traveling abroad, Eric was inspired to create his own clothing line. In 2012, he returned to Nashville where fashion legend Manuel Cuevas accepted him as an apprentice and then tailor. When Manuel announced he was ready to go out on his own, Eric Adler was born.

A 2014 debut at Nashville Fashion Week resulted in him being named the fifth Nashville Fashion Forward Fund recipient last year. The experience created a lot of buzz for the brand, leading him to participate in trade shows in Chicago and New York and eventually developing a limited-run, small-quantity, curated collection for Fall 2017. Eric says, “It’s been a fun ride,” and from the look of things, the ride is just beginning.

Designer: Eric Adler Bornhop

Brand launch: April 2014

Design philosophy: When designing, I attempt to create an aesthetic evoked by the sentiments of different musical genres while incorporating motifs of nature.

To me, fashion is: pandemonium and peace in unison.

Why Nashville? I choose to run my business in Nashville because it's fertile ground for my two main passions: music and fashion. I love the people, and Tennessee is such a beautiful place.

I want to design clothes that make people feel: unique and comfortable while pushing the boundaries.

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