On the Circuit: Nashville Ballet Ball 2023 Kick-off

Guests of the Ballet Ball 2023 kickoff party were dazzled by diamonds, sapphires, pearls and more as they gathered at Diamond Cellars to support the Nashville Ballet. While many enjoyed sips of passed Champagne, the hotspot of the evening was the not-so-secret bar in the back of Diamond Cellars decorated with clubby french accents and stocked with plenty of bourbon.

Co-chairs and Nashville Ballet Board Members Meera Ballal and Catherine Grace, along with Honorary Chair Melissa Mahanes were on hand to greet guests and announce the theme of this year’s Ballet Ball. “We are thrilled to announce that the theme for Ballet Ball 2023 will be Experience the Seasons of Dance,” shared 2023 Co-Chair Meera Ballel. “Nashville Ballet has shared 37 seasons with this community, and as we have grown and developed our repertoire over the years, we have evolved into a company that is eclectic, creative, and diverse….Ballet Ball 2023 will have multiple vignette performances throughout the evening, and we are sure that everyone will experience something that night that touches them deeply.”

Amos Gott will be at the helm, designing the event and has enlisted the help of Kristen Winsten Catering, Tenn Hens, and more. The Ballet Ball will be held March 4, 2023 at the Schermerhorn Symphony Center with a Late Party immediately following.