On a chilly Thursday night, guests gathered into the War Memorial Auditorium, each as curious as the next as to what was in store for the evening’s event. The show was called Love Stories, created by Pop-Up Magazine, and Nashville was the last stop and closing night of a fall tour garnering a lot of buzz.

Pop-Up Magazine is marketed as a live magazine created for a stage, a screen, and a live audience. The overwhelming allure of the show was the mystery of it all. We knew we were in for unique entertainment, but that’s about all one could infer.

A gentle hum of an intimate orchestra started up and the crowd hushed in anticipation. Animation bounced around the screen signaling what was to follow, although we still felt blissfully unaware of what to expect.

A series of eight storytellers approached a podium, one after the other, as well as an ASL interpreter. Across the screen were a myriad of animations, short films, photographs and more; all the while, Magik*Magik Orchestra performed a live soundtrack for the entire experience.

The whole evening was a smattering of emotions and artforms, with an underlying theme of love stories, of course. Some narratives were simple and sweet with comedic undertones, and some were heart-wrenching and poetic. A wonderful sampling of society, the show was incredibly inclusive and diverse – incredibly human.

Perhaps the purpose of Pop-Up Magazine is to evoke curiosity and provide a refreshing source of entertainment that members of the audience must be truly present to enjoy. In highlighting specific aspects of multimedia, the viewers were able to fully appreciate each layer of artistry — layers which are often presented in their entirety and through a screen, removing the need for individual acknowledgement. Love Stories was an impressive display of creativity, collaboration and connection.