No-Fuss Holiday Entertaining: Flowers

1. Roll out the garlands. Premade garlands last a long time and create an instant base for florals. Adorn doorways, freshen up tabletops or suspend from chandeliers for eye-catching pieces, and then spruce them up with berries, flowers, ornaments, gilded fruits

or lighting.

2. Trust your instincts. Your party décor should reflect your personal style or, as Jennifer puts it, be “the dressed-up-in-heels version of your home.” Choose arrangements and accents that reflect your taste and design aesthetic so they complement your home décor rather than detract from it.

3. Keep it simple. When it comes to flowers, an easy way to avoid a decorating disaster is to stick to a monochromatic color scheme. Select buds in differing textures but the same hue for a tailored and tasteful look. Or, use your favorite flower in mass quantities to create an instant showstopper. Remember to avoid overly aromatic flowers, especially for a dinner party, so they don’t compete with the fragrance palate of the meal.

4. Create a focal point. Select key locations throughout the home that you want to highlight, such as the entrance, buffet, dining tables or fireplace. For cocktail parties where guests will be standing and mingling, set up arrangements that are visible from four feet up so they can be easily spotted. For seated dinners, limit the height of your flowers to nine inches or less so they don’t create an obstacle for conversations happening across

the table.

5. Obey the rules. When it comes to varieties, textures and finishes, follow the rule of odds, using a 3-to-1 ratio of face flowers to accent flowers. This will

keep arrangements looking balanced and cohesive. “No element should cover or overpower another,” Jennifer advises. “They should appear in ‘comfort and joy’ with each other. It’s about mingling, not getting lost in the mix!”

6. Add a little glitter. If ever there’s a time for a little glitz and glamour, it’s the holidays! Gilded or glittered flowers—even of unique varieties like protea, cactus and succulents—are a wonderful way to enhance an arrangement and add to the ambiance of a room by reflecting candles and lighting throughout the space.