MEEL Family Food Projects

We all like the idea of sitting down as a family to a home-cooked meal and we all like the idea of eating local, but combining the two seems like an impossible task. The challenge of planning seasonal meals, procuring local ingredients and then managing to cook them, especially on a weeknight, is just too much given our busy schedules.

Marti Emch of MEEL Family Food Projects is out to change that. What started as an attempt to feed her own family healthy, local food has developed into an enterprise that aims to help all families achieve that same goal. “Pulling off the family dinner, meal after meal, day after day, is no small feat, particularly if you are focused on feeding your family real food,” Marti says. “I set out to create a tool to help facilitate and ease this process for busy families. Also, MEEL provides an important community connection by supporting our local farms and small food businesses.”

With a monthly subscription or a weekly order, MEEL will deliver all the ingredients you need to prepare two locally sourced dinners for your family of two or four. Packaged in glass jars or compostable containers, complete with a recipe card—including tips for how little ones can help in the kitchen—MEEL is making it easy and fun to keep it healthy and local in 2015.